How to Check if Your MacBook Needs Repair

Do you want to know if your MacBook has ever been repaired? There are a few methods you can use to check. In my experience, all the access screws on a MacBook are secured with a blue screw lock. If the thread is not locked, it could be a sign that someone has been there before. You can also examine the screws with a magnifying glass at 15x magnification and look for scratches or damage that could indicate clumsy repair work.

To save time and protect your information, it's best to complete as many steps as possible before taking your Mac in for repair. Service and parts are available for up to 7 years, or as long as required by law, depending on the availability of the parts. Additionally, Mac laptops may be eligible for an extended battery-only repair period of up to 10 years from the last time the product was distributed for sale, subject to parts availability. Apple has detailed a battery issue related to the 13-inch MacBook Pro on its website, which suggests that a component of certain 13-inch MacBook Pros may fail and cause the integrated battery to expand.

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